Learn about the benefits

Owning a vehicle is no easy task. Oil changes, brake changes, tire rotation/balance, car wash, and other vehicle maintenance tasks are important to keeping your car safe and in top-notch shape. Although we can easily see why oil changes and brake changes are important, many vehicle owners may not see the importance of a vehicle wash and detailing. Proper and frequent detailing improves and maintains the health of your vehicle in much the same way as changing the oil and spark plugs. Professional cleaning, polishing, and waxing greatly extend the life of a vehicle's paint. The vehicle's paint protects the metal underneath. If neglected, rust and corrosion will become more common and cause devastating results. By regularly detailing the interior of the vehicle, bad odors are eliminated, surfaces are protected from fading, and cracking and discoloration of the dash panels are prevented. This will improve resale price while also adding a great deal of comfort for the driver.

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