Automatic Car Wash vs. Professional Auto Detailing


Automatic car wash locations can be very convenient with time, but there are many risks that your car will be exposed to. Although some automatic car washes promote low prices and fast service, but then the car ends up with swirl marks or even scratches. The reason automatic car washes cause swirl marks and scratches is because they use spinning brushes and dangling cloth pieces. These brushes & cloth pieces have touched hundreds of other cars, collecting dirt and debris along the way. On the contrary, a professional auto detailing dedicates more time to a car, are highly trained, and use professional materials. Claying, polishing and waxing help remove embedded contaminants, and restore the luster of a damaged finish, which is done when you hand wash your vehicle.

None of these steps have comparable steps in automatic washing. Our FastShine technicians have participated in extensive training and they provide exceptional customer service. FastShine also uses Eco-friendly products, microfiber cloths, and our own water and electricity supply. Although we take longer than a typical automated car wash, we ensure that your car is spotless clean at the convenience of your time and location. 


    Difference between car detailing and an automatic car wash | Washington DC | Maryland