Reasons To Choose FastShine Auto Detailing

  • Regular car washes are simply not good enough. Auto car washes use all-purpose cleaning solutions that simply don't catch all the grit and grime that accumulates as you drive around. Some even use harsh chemicals that can wear down exterior trim, rubber, plastics, and even your paint job. If you want to give your car that deep clean look without damaging exterior design elements, car detailing here at FastShine Auto Detailing is the way to go.
  • Interior cleaning: At FastShine Auto Detailing, car detailing means a comprehensive cleaning inside and out. Our team of highly-qualified technicians will gladly go over every inch of your vehicle's interior, ensuring that everything from the upholstery to the center stack is free of stains, odors, and debris, leaving it with that new car feel and smell that you'll love.
  • Convenience: Unlike many other service centers in the DMV area, we work around your schedule and meet at your preferred location. You can call us to set your appointment or through our site.