Tips To Maintaining the Value of Your Car

Automobiles lose value…rapidly. Indeed, on average, vehicles will lose 60% of its total value during the first five years, as stated by Carfax. While you can't maintain a strategic distance from devaluation altogether, there are a few stages you can take to limit the decrease. Here's the manner by which to approach keeping up the value of your vehicle.

Keep Mileage Low. Plan to put under 13,500 miles per year on your vehicle. Any mileage more than 13,500, which is the normal measure of miles an American drives yearly, will bring down your auto's value, per AAA.

Rent a Car. In the event that remaining under 13,500 miles a year sounds like a difficult request, consider an auto rental for long outings; particularly if the street conditions where you're going are rough.

Consider Where You Park. According to research, parking away from other cars can minimize car damage. Parking in the shade can stop vinyl dashboards from cracking due to prolonged sun exposure. Maintaining vehicles in garages or under carports can maintain their value more than cars repeatedly parked outside. Parking in a parking garage while at work or during peak sun hours will help protect the paint on your car.

Consider Your Car a Smoke-Free and Food-Free Zone. When possible, do whatever it takes not to smoke in your vehicle and don't give others a chance to smoke in it either. Autos that have been smoked in will hold an undesirable smell which will prevent a potential future purchaser. Attempt to abstain from eating in your ride, as well. Eating while at the same time driving isn't quite recently perilous; it can likewise leave undesirable scents in your auto's inside.

Answer the Recalls. Many have received recall letters, but they mostly simply end up in the trashcan. If you receive a notification that your car has a recall on a certain part, take it to the dealer to have it fixed. Ignoring a recall puts your personal safety at risk and decreases the value of your vehicle.

Get Your Car Serviced Regularly. Be sure to get routine oil changes, tune-ups, brake pad replacements, tire rotations, system inspections and more. Save receipts, too, so you easily corroborate your car’s value.

Don’t Forget the Detailing. Having your car cleaned and detailed regularly can protect its interior and exterior finish. The DMV area has an extensive range of weather conditions, so it is important to protect your vehicle all year long. An exterior car wash can be helpful during the wintertime to prevent salt corrosion. An exterior wash in the summertime is just as beneficial, especially a coat of wax that provides extra protection.

If you really want to beat depreciation, leave the deep-cleaning and detailing to the professionals. Contact us here at FastShine Auto Detailing to learn more about our services.

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