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It can be difficult to meet the needs of your vehicle, especially when there is only a limited amount of hours in a day. You often tell yourself that you will eventually get to cleaning the exterior, but weeks or even months fly by. The stains become more permanent, dirt and trash begins to pile up, and there may even be a foul smell. Don’t worry, there is still hope!

FastShine Auto Detailing’s ultimate goal is to meet the needs of our customers. We understand that the care of your vehicle is invaluable, so we provide the most effective, efficient, and caring auto detailing services. We also aim to meet your busy schedule, which is why our company is unique because we're mobile. Having the ability of being mobile gives you the benefit of getting your vehicle serviced while you work, grocery shop, or even when you spend time at the park. We offer various vehicle detailing packages to meet the needs of your vehicle, ranging from a simple auto exterior detailing to removal of smoker's ash/soot of all interior surfaces. 

Tell us what your vehicle needs and we will offer you the most suitable package!