Pet hair taking over your vehicle?

We all LOVE our furry animals! Unfortunately, they can cause a great mess in our vehicle's interior. Whether your pet only travels in the vehicle for their annual veterinarian check-up or they travel with you almost every day, you can't help but notice the hairs they leave behind. You have probably used advertised lint rollers that promise to remove pet hairs, but it may not be as effective. At FastShine Auto Detailing, we offer our specialty package called "Dog-Gone Pet Hair" that focuses on the removal of pet hair in the interior of the vehicle.

With the "The Dog-Gone Pet Hair" package, our technicians will ensure that pet hair and dander is removed from ALL surfaces. The slobber and doggy breath from your pup's most recent ride with the window down? Gone. Paw prints lingering long after your pets have left the premises? This package includes shampoo for cloth seating or steam cleaning for leather seating. Along with our complimentary exterior hand wash with wheel & tire treatment, FastShine technicians will even ensure your interior trim is cleaned and disinfected.

Give us a call so you can inform us of your concerns and we would be more that glad to assist!