The Winter Protection

Some of our customers in the DMV are already experiencing the wintry weather of snow, ice, sleet, etc. Many of us may dread driving through these winter storms, but there is more to worry about. Have you thought about the damages these winter storms can cause your vehicles? The damages that this weather causes can be prevented if you take the necessary precautions. Fast Shine Auto Detailing wants to help you by providing detailing services that will protect your vehicle while saving you time and money. We currently have a seasonal special (November-December) that will have your vehicle protected for those weather anomalies.

Exterior Hand Wash with Wheel & Tire Treatment * Chamois Dried * Door Jams Washed * Winter Grade Wax Applied to ALL Painted Surfaces * Interior Vacuum * Shampoo Floor Mats Only * Clean Interior Trim including Cup Holders/Consoles & Dash * Clean Leather Seats/Vacuum Cloth Seats * Clean Windows & Mirrors * Interior Trim & Leather Seats Dressed * Fresh Air Scent Applied