Has your vehicle been fully cleaned from the winter elements?

When the news or weather channel warn us of snow, freezing rain, or ice, then the road pre-treatments begin. Many government officials, businesses, and communities decide to pre-treat the roads to reduce accidents and make the roads safer to drive. Many snow trucks make their way to pre-treat the roads with road salt, which is beneficial to our commute, but detrimental to our vehicles. Road salt's biggest threat is rust, which can be accelerated by repeated exposure to salt. Rust leads to damage on the exterior of the vehicle, including the car's exhaust and muffler's system, frame of the car, and chipping of paint. So before it is too late, make sure your vehicle has a thorough and professional detailing to prevent damages. FastShine Auto Detailing has amazing packages that can accommodate your needs. The technicians are thorough, professional, and experienced with auto detailing. Call us today or book an appointment through our website!

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