Bird Droppings Causing More than a Mess!

We love the fact that the weather is getting warmer, but there may be some aspects of Spring that we do not enjoy. Seeing the seasons change through nature is wonderful, but not when you find your vehicle full of bird droppings. Not only do they give a horrible appearance to your vehicle, but it can also damage your vehicle's paint coat. In addition, the heat causes the vehicle's clear coat to expand and become more porous, which essentially makes your vehicle more vulnerable to the acidity elements of bird droppings. FastShine Auto Detailing recommends a consistent wash and a fresh coat of wax to limit the damage in between the washes. We offer different services to keep your vehicle clean, for both interior and exterior. We also provide services that include the application of wax. Whatever your needs may be, our representatives are more than willing to offer the best package. We are just a phone call away!